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Situated in the beautiful Muskoka area on the majestic Manitouwabing Lake and river offering fun, friends & fulfillment. We have an incredible staff to camper ratio, with one third of our staff as college graduates ensuring proper role modeling and guidance at all times.  With just 6-8 kids per cabin for our youngest kids, with 3 counsellors/CITís each camper gets the time they deserve, Contact Mark or Jeff for a personal meeting in your home as we travel throughout North America to meet as many families as possible. Most importantly call us so we can see if Manitou is the right camp for you.


At Manitou we want to ensure that campers always have fun, create lasting memories and form unique and special friendships that will follow them for a life-time. It is these friendships that become the greatest benefit of a summer camp experience. A camper doesnít just make new friends at Manitou but also makes new kinds of friendships as well, friendships that transcend time and remain with your child for a lifetime.

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