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Since 1921, Rockbrook Camp for girls has been a place where girls ages 6-16 can experience the wonder and excitement of a summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina. The mountain setting allows for a beautiful view overlooking the French Broad River basin and the mountains of Pisgah National Forest and the Blue Ridge Parkway. In this mountain setting campers learn to appreciate the simple joys of nature, the sound of rushing water, the chirping of the crickets and the thrill of beautiful sunsets.

Our overall program encourages girls to gain self confidence and experience in making their own decisions. Each week they choose from many activities, including horseback riding, gymnastics, tennis, drama, sports, pottery, arts and crafts, backpacking, rock climbing, whitewater paddling and more. Campers live with other girls their age under the supervision of skilled instructors and cabin counselors. We have a 1:4 staff/camper ratio, and we are ACA Accredited.

Each summer Rockbrook provides a unique camp program of recreation, adventure, creativity and fun designed for young girls. A day at Rockbrook is filled with new experiences and great opportunities to develop lasting friendships. Our goal is for each camper to gain, at her own pace, a deeper understanding of herself and of her relationship with other people and the natural world. Emphasizing a friendly and noncompetitive environment, we aim to provide summer camp memories that can serve as inner resources later in life.

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