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The Windridge Tennis Camps stand unique among camps in that we incorporate a highly specialized tennis program within the traditional framework of a rural New England camp setting. For more than thirty years children have come to Windridge from most of the fifty states and many foreign countries to share the Windridge experience - a commitment to hard work, good sportsmanship, and wholesome fun and laughter within a warm and friendly environment.

Both Windridge at Teela Wooket and Windridge at Craftsbury Common offer excellent tennis programs. Each camp shares the same philosophy of teaching solid fundamentals, proper strategy and good sportsmanship, mixed in with plenty of fun. What differentiates the camps is the size of enrollment and facilities, and the special additional fields of interest that are unique at each camp. Craftsbury, the smaller of the two camps in both enrollment (110) and size (26 cabins on 52 acres), offer a bit more of an intimate experience. Craftsbury’s location on beautiful Lake Hosmer allows the camp to offer an incredible water-sports program complete with sailboats, canoes, water-slide, water-trampoline and more. Teela-Wooket with a capacity of 168 campers and with a facility including 50 cabins on 232 acres is more diversified in its extracurricular offerings. The two biggest drawing cards aside from tennis are Teela’s well-known horsemanship program and its comprehensive soccer program. Although both camps offer soccer, Teela’s emphasis on skills and tactics is far more concentrated than Craftsbury’s.

Tennis Magazine chose Windridge as ”one of the top ten tennis camps in the United States”.

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