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Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. a residential treatment center helps troubled young women find a new direction in their lives, giving them the self-reliance to follow this direction in the face of negative influences when they return home.

There are many advantages to treating young women in the magnitude of God's creation. By placing her in a safe, loving environment, the negative distractions and pressures that previously influenced her are eliminated. In addition, behavior, attentiveness, and willingness to work have a direct correlation to life's basic needs.

Through animal therapy young women begin to find the loving, gentle person they used to be.

Taking care of and meeting the basic needs of animals, encourages her to be less selfish, and respectful to relationships. This process will increase motivation, self discipline, self-reliance, personal accountability, and self-sacrifice. These are virtues that are emphasized throughout the "Program for Life". These lessons are taught in a variety of ways by coexisting with a group of peers, instructors, animals and Mother Nature.

TTS's staff are able to reach students more effectively while living, working and dealing with life's obstacles. They become more "human like" to the young women. This is a key factor in helping girls. They see the staff as approachable, empathetic, and honest. She will directly observe the treatment team as living, eating and communicating in the same environment as she is. This facilitates a connection, which enhances genuineness between the young women and the staff. The treatment team is able to step back from their traditional roles as authority figures, allowing natural consequences to provide reinforcement and punishment of appropriate, or inappropriate, behaviors.

The philosophies of Trinity Teen Solutions, Inc. is that the experiential therapy will:

  • Offer the young women optimal challenge with manageable conflict
  • Exercise safety at all times
  • Provide young women an opportunity to exercise initiative and responsibility
  • Provide young women with tasks that have integrity (i.e., is not "busy-work")
  • Reinforce dignity
  • Builds self esteem
  • Provide the young women with a "sense of competence and success"
  • Engage the young women in reflection of their experiences
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