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Summer is a great time to try out Delphi Academy. Campers can sharpen up their study skills, brush up on subjects like reading or writing, advance themselves in existing studies or explore new interests. Younger students take advantage of our early-reading program offered during the summer.

Summer at Delphi is a lot of fun! All age campers participate in our extensive arts and crafts program, which includes pottery. The Elementary and Middle School students can participate in sports camps, robotics, swimming, music and more. All students take many field trips to local nature preserves or theme or water parks and of course we take advantage of Florida's beautiful beaches.

Our older campers can go on over night trips to places such as Orlando, white water rafting in Tennessee or visit our beautiful Florida Keys. And there is our famous Big City trip for our Middle Schoolers.

No matter what the age or interest, Delphi Academy brings together learning and fun to give all our children a summer to remember.


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