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Tahoe Kids Camp is designed to cater to needs of each individual child to ensure the best summer camp experience for every camper. While having the most fun ever, campers will develop life skills including- leadership, problem solving, decision making, and cooperation. Through positive roll modeling, mentoring, instruction and fun, Tahoe Kids Camp counselors help each child acquire skills and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

Tahoe Kids Camp is a multi-sport outdoor adventure camp specializing in teaching children coordination, self confidence and life skills. Located in one of the worlds most beautiful locations we provide children with the environment in which to grow.

Throughout the week campers will have the opportunity to participate in over 25 activities, ranging from golfing with celebrities, surviving in the wilderness to ripping it up in the skatepark! A Tahoe Kids Camp day begins with yoga, stretching and gymnastics, and then off to hiking to the top of area peaks, rock climbing, mountain biking, or horseback riding down forest trails. Daily Fun in the Sun will include swimming in the most beautiful lakes in the world, kayaking, waterskiing or wakeboarding in crystal clear water.

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