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For the past 15 years, DigiPen Institute of Technology has offered hands-on workshops at the high school and middle school level to teach students about video game development, robotics and 3D animation. These popular workshops have been successful in providing a glimpse into the world of digital entertainment and strive to motivate students to become more interested in the academic subjects of Art, Mathematics, Physics, and Computer Science. The hands-on approach of the workshops combines academics with real-world applications, culminating in the completion of a video game, 3D animation or robotic vehicle. The completion of their project promotes personal responsibility while introducing students to production processes used by the industry.

These workshops are a great experience for students interested in a career in digital entertainment. While the workshops are quite educational and in some cases qualifying for High School credit, it is important to know that completion of these workshops does not qualify one to work in the field as a professional.

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