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Drifton Farms is for beginner to advanced riders.  7 to 17 years of age.  Bring your own horse or use one of ours.  This will be a fun filled week with time spent caring for your horse, trail riding, individual and group lessons, equestrian and water park excursions, crafts, bon fires, and making new friends. Call for special pricing and availability to bring your own horse. 

Beginning Riding

No experience necessary. Riders will learn the basic safety rules, mounting, dismounting, basic position and control of the horse at the walk and trot. This level also includes approaching, haltering and leading, basic grooming, saddling and bridling, parts of the horse and tack. Control through hand, leg and seat aides.

Intermediate Riding

Riders must have at least one course of instruction and/or ride comfortably at a walk and a trot. Class will emphasize refining the aides and building horse/rider communication. Work will be spent on improving balance of the horse and rider, beginning the canter and introduction into English jumping. This level also includes trail riding, horse behavior, terminology and horse breeds.

Advanced Riding

Riders focus on refining their use of the aids and other technical aspects of good horsemanship, including riding on contact, more complex rein, weight and seat aids and ring figures. This level also includes leads at the canter, more involved transitions, backing, improving the seat at the trot and riding bareback.


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