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Changing the World One Child at a Time! Camp Edwards has provided a positive camping experience for youth for over 78 years. Campers spend their days learning exciting skills and hobbies, playing all camp games, creating friendships, and relaxing in the safe environment we provide. Each camper stays in a cabin with 8-10 other children and two staff members. Our excellent kitchen staff provides three hot meals a day, served in a traditional family-style setting. Cabin Leaders are selected for their maturity, responsibility, dedication to children and their desire to make the Edwards experience the best for the campers we serve.  On the opening day campers will choose four skill activities that interest them. They will participate in these skills during the following week. Unique to Edwards YMCA Camp is our "Honors" program, designed to help campers and staff set and attain goals, building on the childs confidence to reach dreams as they grow. 

From all-camp games to songs, skits, skills, and friendship, Edwards' staff strives to create programs that leave lasting memories for the years to come. We believe that the time a camper spends at Camp Edwards is important  to strengthen their values and promote caring, honesty, respect, and responsibility.  What has Camp Edwards given to our campers? 

Here is what they say.  "I am more brave and self-expressive.  I definitely changed for the better."-Sydney Scott 

"I feel that I can be accepted anywhere, now."-Annie Cornell 

"I will bring part of camp home with me."-Jenny Lockner 

"I have learned to accept things, friends are golden, and you can do anything you put your mind to."- Kary Rauschenberger 

"It helped me reflect on my life, and I feel like I improved my veiw on life while at camp.  I hope to carry that with me for the rest of my life."- Abby Pozulp 

"Camp Edwards rocks my face off!  I love this place!"-Jon Reichart

Come see what Edwards YMCA Camp can offer to your most precious possession.  We are committed to leaving the world a little better off by helping the future leaders of the world grow.

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