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Learn Football From The Best!†† If you are a veteran player or just learning to play football, the Brian Cushing Football Camp is a football learning experience you will never forget!†† Join Brian Cushing and members of the Houston Texans for one of the best football weeks of your life. You will receive up to 6 hours of daily on-the-field instruction from an outstanding coaching staff along with daily lectures and demonstrations by STEVE SLATON AND/OR MEMBERS OF THE HOUSTON TEXANS!†† YOU WILL GO HOME A BETTER FOOTBALL PLAYER!

Performance Magazine rated Sports International's football camps among the top ten summer camps in the nation!††† This summer will be the 29th successful year for Sports Internationalís football camps having graduated over 88,000 athletes with many going on to play in the NFL and at the highest college level.† Four camps in one, the camp is broken down into 4 age groups:†† ages 7-10; 11-12; 13-14; 15-18.† We have outstanding college and high school coaches on staff plus members of the Houston Texans with daily instruction, lectures and demonstrations by Steve Slaton and/or members of the Texans.†† Outstanding recruiting and scholarship opportunities for high school level athletes.†† The majority of our coaching staff for the older boys will be made up of college level coaches.†† The camp will offer a FREE NIKE SPARQ test by Velocity Sports Performance (a $75 to $150 value).†† High school players aged 15-18 are eligible for the exclusive "TOP 30" CLUB.†† A detailed information packet on each member of the "TOP 30" CLUB will be sent to over 2,000 college football coaches to help each player receive recognition at the college level. This is great nationwide exposure that a player might not get from playing at their high school alone. ††Brian's camp is one of the best supervised camps in the nation and father counselors are welcome to join us at camp.†† Enrollment is limited!†† For more information visit or call 301-575-9400.

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