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The adventure and fun in the Chippewa National Forest develop skills and create memories and friendships that last a lifetime. A traditional in-camp program allows boys to choose from a wide range of in-camp activities, whether it's sailing or waterskiing on Cass Lake, or fencing or archery on our wooded campus. 

In addition, canoe, fishing and sail trips challenge boys of all ages.  Fishing trips to our rustic lodge on Canada's Rainy Lake and a sail trip aboard a 38-foot sloop among the Apostle Islands of Lake Superior are exciting options. In addition, all of our boys will paddle and portage the canoe trails of the north country. Whether its camping overnight at nearby Star Island or paddling for 19 days alongside beluga whales on the rivers that feed Hudson Bay in Canada, these out of camp adventures create lifelong memories of challenges overcome and adventures shared. This is what wilderness camping was meant to be!

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