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Camp Nesher is a modern orthodox camp for boys and girls entering the 3rd- 10th grade. Located in the Northeast Poconos, Camp Nesher offers a diverse program including athletics, aquatics, arts and crafts, ceramics, ropes courses and much more.  There are also daily jewish learning periods and minyanim


Camp Nesher is committed to providing professional and highly qualified staff with significant expertise in their specialty. College and high school coaches, and/or varsity players, along with guest staff, add excitement to the sports program. Various specialists and professionals add to our creative arts program.


Nutritious, delicious, and well-balanced meals are prepared in our modern kitchens by food service professionals. Kashrut supervision is under the Orthodox Union. Meals are planned by certified dietitians, and include salad bars, fresh fruit, and vegetarian dishes. Regular canteen time offers sundry supplies to campers as well as limited candy and snack items.

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