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Sangamon is a really different kind of boys' camp. We offer most of what you expect in a traditional boys' camp, but our "all-elective" program puts each boy in charge of his own schedule each day.

We believe that independence, responsibility, and decision-making are best developed by actually having the boys make their own decisions about how to spend their time at camp. We create a simple, 4 period structure, offer a wide range of good choices, and let them choose for themselves. Given freedom and time to learn at their own pace, boys learn new skills and discover where their talents are.

There are fifteen instructional activities to choose from, plus trips out of camp, and each boy chooses for himself, each period, each day. The heart of Sangamon's program is not competetion. We play some competitive sports, but it's just one thing among many, and never required. The camp is an "old-time" outdoors place where boys can relax, make strong friends, and develop life-long skills and interests.

We're a diverse community, representing more than 15 different countries and all levels of social, ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds in our campers and staff. Sangamon has been an important place in many boys and men's lives for 83 years.

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