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Camp Casa Mare on Galveston Bay is a tropical paradise for ocean lovers and landlubbers alike.  The warm, salty breezes, the call of gulls, and the sight of sailboats gliding across the bay provide the perfect setting for seaside fun. 


Special interest sessions focus on water sports such as sailing, SCUBA, skin diving, sea kayaking, wakeboarding and waterskiing.  A fleet of Sunfish sailboats, Lasers, and sloops provides a challenging experience for those who wish to gain expertise or just enjoy recreational sailing.  Activities for the landlubber such as cheerleading, fencing, ice skating and drama are available.  In addition to the focus of the session, campers participate in traditional camp activities such as swimming, crafts, games, and making new friends. 


Girls staying at Camp Casa Mare live in dormitories.  Campers gather in the air-conditioned galley/lodge for meals and all-camp assemblies.  The galley also houses craft/activity rooms and a display from the camp's rich history.

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