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For forty-three years, Roaring Brook Camp has been devoted to teaching outdoor skills and adventure sports, Vermont crafts and conducting expeditions in Northern New England by backpack and canoe. We believe that confidence and satisfaction with life come through personal achievement. Our intent is to build self-reliance, resourcefulness and a will-to-achieve, primarily through a program of outdoor education.


Self Reliance- is learned through group living with peers and counselors away from home, learning new skills, and providing for ones self in the natural environment.

Resourcefulness- comes from creating useful articles from native materials, cooking meals over a personally build fire, being responsible for making your own shelter during a survival experience or traveling cross country with a map and compass.

The Will to Achieve- emanates from learning to push and drive in the climb to a mountain summit, to finish a rock climbing route, to complete a portage and to successfully navigate whitewater.


Roaring Brook Camp is fun, exciting and filled with adventure. If you are willing to try to: be open to new experiences; be independent; be flexible; make friends; treat others the way you would like to be treated; accept the ups and downs of sunshine and rain; share your feelings in good company...if you are willing to become the best you can be, COME JOIN US for an experience that will exceed your expectations.

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