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DayJams is celebrating its 10th Anniversary Season as the original rock music day camp with 21 locations nationwide. We welcome beginner to advanced musicians ages 8-15 who dream of playing in a rock band. If you’ve never played an instrument, this is a fun and interactive way to get a jump-start. If you’re an experienced player, this is your chance to study with the best musicians in town and perform in a band.  Choose your instrument: guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals or horns; DayJams will place you in a band with rockers your age.  Then as a band you’ll write an original song, practice it, create band promotional materials in art class and finish the week by performing your song on stage in front of family & friends.  Every camper also participates in group lessons twice a day for their chosen instrument.


Check out our website to watch bootlegged concert footage, read press about DayJams and review parent and camper comments. 


“The concerts were amazing. I can't figure out how they get it all together in such a short amount of time. Bravo!”

            – DayJams Parent 2007">
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