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Camp Jorn will Shine!!!…

“Camp Jorn will shine tonight, Camp Jorn will shine, Camp Jorn will shine tonight all down the line, boom boom boom!”

Generations of campers have filled our forest with singing as they drive down our winding road to see a breathtaking view of Camp Jorn YMCA! Can YOU catch their spirit?!!!


Camp Jorn has inspired the lives of over 25,000 children and families through our mission driven programs since 1953. We have made a commitment to ensure a positive and safe camping experience for each child who walks the paths of Camp Jorn YMCA. Our focus on character development helps youth to grow in areas of independence, confidence and self esteem.


Our successful history is due to our qualified staff, variety of progressive programs, quality food and medical services, ideal north-woods setting, 3:1 camper to staff ratio, and beautiful facilities. We honor the tradition of resident camping in the YMCA and seek to expand our offerings to meet the interests of youth with specialty camps, Adventure Trips, and Teen Leadership opportunities.


At Camp Jorn YMCA, we understand the value of a positive and fun camp experience. We invite you to invest in your child’s future at Camp Jorn YMCA. Camp Jorn YMCA is an independent YMCA camp affiliated with many YMCA’s throughout IL and WI.


Camp Jorn YMCA is a traditional YMCA recreational resident camp. We are located on the Manitowish Chain of Lakes in Northern Wisconsin. Activities include overnight canoe trips, swimming, water-skiing, horsemanship, recreational sports, archery, hiking, kayaking, sailing, campfires, crafts and much more. International campers are welcomed and encouraged to attend. ACA accredited.

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