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Camp Kulaqua is a Christian camp located in north central Florida. We offer horseback riding, go-carts, swimming, zoo management, drama, gymnastics, canoeing, snorkeling, crafts, archery and so much more. Each evening we provide a campfire program that may include Indian outpost, wagon outpost, a real rodeo, miners camp, pirates camp, and more.

We are excited about our new onsite water park, Camp Kulaquas River Ranch! This small water park features a wave pool and lazy float river, as well as other activities.

Traditional Summer camps begin May 26th and go through June 22, 2008. The camps are residence style, which begin and end on Sunday of each week (except for the first week which begins on Monday, Memorial Day). The staff members are hand chosen with background checks on each employee are preformed to ensure the highest quality staff and the best possible experience for each camper.

We have specialty camps set aside for those interested in specializing in more specific areas such as Horsemanship, Basketball, and Skateboarding/rollerblading. This year we are also offering multiple Extreme Teen Camps, which are specialty camps just for teens, such as Teen Mountain Adventure (June 29-July 6), Family Water Sports Adventure (July 6-13) and Cowboy Adventure (July 13-20).

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