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The Program

The one-week day camp and four-day overnight camp are designed for athletes grade 4 through grade 12 who are interested in improving their basic skills and learning the techniques of football. The camp is divided into a junior division and a senior division. The highly skilled and the beginner benefit from the college and high school coaches who teach at the camp.


Aims of the Camp

Develop the offensive abilities of the individual:

Running Backs: Stance, start, ball handling, ball carrying, faking, running, cutting, pass receiving, and blocking.

Quarterbacks: Stance, center exchange, drop back, sprintout, rollout pass, setting-up, throwing, release, follow through, ball handling, faking, strategy, and the option.

Offensive Line: Stance, start, exchange, blocking, release, and the long and short snap.

Flanker and Ends (Wide and Tight): Stance, start, release, pass patterns, running, pass catching, and strategy.

Develop the defensive skills of the individual:

Line and Linebackers: Stance, start, alignment, charge, pursuit, leverage, territory responsibility, reaction, tackling, keying, stunting, pass defense, and strategy.

Defensive Secondary: All phases of coverage taught at pre-high school and high school levels including stance, start, alignment, keying, pass coverage, how to intercept, deflect, tackling techniques, and strategy.

Special instruction is given to the athletes who are just being introduced to organized football.


Coaching Staff

Because the size of the camp is limited to 350 campers, each camper will receive individualized attention from the Villanova University Coaches. Colonial Athletic Association, Patriot and Ivy League Coaches, as well as Division II and III Coaches, will be on hand to instruct. This provides you with complete exposure to all divisions of football. The Staff will also consist of a select group of outstanding high school and prep school coaches from different states.


Medical Staff and Health Care

Routine health care is provided by the Villanova University Sports Medicine Staff of certified athletic trainers. Trainers will be on location each camp session and available in the residence halls at night. Staff trainers refer medical emergencies and illnesses to Bryn Mawr Hospital in nearby Bryn Mawr. Children under eighteen may only receive medical attention, if a parent or legal guardian has signed the accompanying release.

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