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Birch Trail Camp is a traditional camp for girls, ages 7-15. Located in the beautiful lake country of NW Wisconsin, Birch Trail serves campers from throughout the United States and abroad.

We offer a large variety of land and water sports, climbing, wilderness trips, crafts, drama, horseback riding and much more (you name it-we teach it)! Birch Trail has one of the country’s premier wilderness tripping programs. With such an extensive overnight tripping program, every camper can have a wilderness experience. Our campers stay either 4 or 8 weeks and camp truly becomes their second home. Birch Trail is a special place where girls cultivate friendships and memories to last a lifetime. With 200 campers and 100 staff, we are committed to kids, the outdoors and having fun. Our staff join us from all over the world and are enthusiastic people who are committed to kids, the outdoors and having fun! Contact us today and thanks for checking us out!

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