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Nah-Jee-Wah - ages 6-11; offers a fantastic athletic, arts, aquatics and adventure training program which enable children to grow and develop into well-rounded individuals. Friendships and memories are life-long and our staff are top-notch!


Campers live in cabins which house 10 to 12 children. There is one bunk counselor for every five children. Each cabin is equipped with bathrooms and showers and wooden bunk beds with built-in ladders and guard rails.


Camp chefs and bakers prepare nourishing, tasty meals in our modern, kosher kitchen. During lunch and dinner there are salad bars with lettuces, fresh vegetables, beans, a variety of special salads as well as hot pasta and sauce. A vegetarian alternative is made available at every animal based meal as well. All foods are prepared in accordance with dietary laws.


We offer trips to Dorney Park and Camel Beach. Older campers are also offered half day hiking trips and full day canoe trips down the Delaware River, as well as special programming at nearby Cedar Lake Camp.

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