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At Headfirst's Lacrosse Camp, fun and camper safety are our top priorities, with an emphasis on team play and individual skill development. We will focus on throwing, catching, and cradling with both hands. Repetition will be stressed throughout the week to build muscle memory. Drills and positional practice will enable the camper to develop the fundamental skills needed to play with confidence during games. The coaches will demonstrate each drill before players perform.

Players of all skill levels are encouraged to attend, and players are encouraged to try different positions at summer camp. There will be plenty of positional drills that will simulate games. Players will be taught how to react quickly to various game-like situations, and then shown how to make the most intelligent play in those situations. There will at least two scrimmages and games for full day campers with drill work and practice filling the gaps between games.

Our Sports Camps are designed for athletes of all ages and abilities. Groups are separated by age, grade level and ability. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced/Select athletes are encouraged to join us at camp.

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