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Skinner Creek ESL Guest Ranch is a great place for international students to explore the outdoors while learning English as a Second Language. Weekday morning English classes are designed to meet academic and conversational levels of each student. Afternoons are full of outdoor adventure activities like horseback riding, hiking and fishing. Weekends are busy with overnight camping, mountain horseback riding trips and old fashioned Canadian rodeos. The ranch has a maximum capacity of 12, providing wonderful opportunities for interaction and attention to each student. No prior skills are necessary.

This is an intensive English/Outdoor adventure program that is sure to challenge. Students study English 15-20 hours per week and are challenged in reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary building and conversational English. After class, students enjoy many outdoor activities in a controlled, safe environment. Clothing and Equipment: - Clothing for warm days shorts and t-shirts, bathing suit - Clothing for cooler days jeans, sweatshirts, jacket - Slippers - Hiking boots are preferable but sturdy running shoes are acceptable. - Personal hygiene supplies and towel - School supplies: pencils, pens, paper, binder, translator or dictionary

Skinner Creek ESL Guest Ranch is a family style camp. Our camps are small, only 12 students per session, so each student is given personal attention and feels like part of a family, not an institution. This is an ideal camp for younger students or "the more nervous" types.

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