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About Our Instructors

Marcus Copening, Director, Teacher, Drummer for the Frances Camp.

Matthew Mustey, Berklee School of Music: Drummer, teacher, counselor.

Gary Matthews: Bass Player, teacher, Sits on All-State judge panel 

Bob Young: Singer, songwriter, guitar player, bandleader "Hitmen". Plays ALL styles.  Will back up the camp  drummers this year, along with Gary Matthews. 

Jordan Mensah: Ghanaian born, will perform ghanaian rhythms, will teach students how to build a djembe.  He is a teacher and expert on Ghanaian culture. He will prepare a Ghanaian meal for the campers


How do I enroll?  Space is limited.  The deadline for enrollment is May 1, 2008.  At this time, a deposit of $500. is due.  On June 1, 2008, the balance of $750. is due.  The deposit will be returned if you cancel before June 1, 2008.    A camp packet will be mailed to the camper after receipt of the security deposit. 

What's included?  Home-cooked meals are served family-style.  Healthy snacks are available at all times.  Any special dietary needs will be met.  Linens, towels, and toilet articles such as shampoo, toothpaste, etc.  will be provided.  Please pack lightly!

There are activities other than drumming available.  We have a 20x40 foot heated built in swimming pool with slide.  Each night, there is a new musical theme.  Drummers sit around the camp fire with the Djembe and play as a group.  During the day, top of the line drumsets are available for campers.  Drums are played all day, every day.  If you love to drum, come!  We guarantee improvement in your playing.    At the end of the week, the drummer will perform with a live band. This performance will be videotaped and given to each drummer, as  a reminder of where you were and  from how far you came!  So, join us and "have fun while you drum"!

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