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Whether looking to improve your ESL or FSL skills, the Brébeuf programme in beautiful Montréal is the programme for you.  15 hours of language instruction per week, a bilingual environment combined with fun activities and excursions…it’s a complete immersion programme for students aged 9 – 17 in Canada’s truly bilingual and most vibrant city.



Summer school need not be boring.  The educational language programme at the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf in Montreal is both fun and exciting.   International students join Canadian students in a cultural exchange of ideas.  Professional language instructors provide a bilingual environment for students coming to learn or improve their French or English.  Students wear coloured wristbands to ensure that staff communicate with them in their language of choice. 


Students are accommodated in single residence bedrooms at the college.  Programme staff also stay at the residence, ensuring that an adult is available at all times.  Meals are eaten in the buffet-style school dining hall.


Language Programme: 15 hours per week of language instruction.  Students indicate choice of either French or English at time of application.  Students receive in-class instruction, weekly language workshops and weekly exams.  Placement testing upon arrival ensures that students are in the most-appropriate language level.  As they improve…they move to new levels. 

Sports and Activities: Students can take advantage of the many sports available on campus during their leisure time including: basketball, foosball, hockey (best to bring own skates if possible), soccer, swimming, tennis and volleyball.


Excursions:  1 full day and 1 half day excursion per week is included in the programme.  Excursions include full day trips to Ottawa, Québec City or Mount Tremblant.  Half day excursions include visits to local places of interest in Montreal such as St. Joseph’s Oratory,Ice Skating at the Atrium le 1000, or a McGill University tour. 


Optional Excursions: In addition to the included excursions, students may choose to participate in optional excursions at an additional minimal costs.  Examples of optionals include:  Jet Boating, La Ronde Amusement Park, Just for Laughs comedy festival, movies, museums and much more.


Our Staff: The high quality of the language and excursion programme is further augmented by our staff of sensitive, dedicated and professional instructors and counselors.  They truly care about each student, and ensure that students receive the attention and care needed to make their stay great.


So why wait?  Register today for the ultimate summer learning adventure.


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