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Ak-O-Mak offers the challenges of nature and life, along with camping and team and individual sports. Ak-O-Mak helps instill "Old Values" in her campers through the challenging program. These values along with sports skills provide experiences that will enrich our campers lives, well after childhood.

There is never a dull day at Ak-O-Mak. Individualized instruction and skill enhancement are provided in more than 24 different sports. Through participation, campers improve skills in their primary sports and become proficient in others. More important, they learn about life - learn how to interact with others, how to compete, how to coexist.

We have both regulated and elective time each day. We seek to provide every Ak-O-Mak camper with introduction to new activities and sports, but we also want them to have the opportunity to do the things they like most on a more frequent basis.

We offer over 25 different sports - and no experience is necessary to participate. For those campers who desire such, Olympic development programs are offered in competitive swimming, running and canoeing/kayaking. Water sports include swimming, diving, water polo, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and sailing. Land sports include soccer, tennis, softball, golf, basketball and track & field. Competition includes sailing and paddling regattas, running races and swim meets.

Ak-O-Mak has provided girls from all over the world with the abiilty to believe in themselves and to realize a greater purpose for their roles in life. Ak-O-Mak alumnae have gone on to compete in the Olympics, climb the Himalayas, serve as excellent teachers and physicians, contribute their time and resources as community leaders - and helped countless others through the realization of their leadership skills they gained at Ak-O-Mak. Ak-O-Mak is preparation for life and it's a "whole lotta fun" in the process. Come be a part of that fun!

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