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We offer most of our sports camps in the summer.  We offer one-week sports camps in baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball, flag football, dance and cheerleading, and a week-long sports camp that features a variety of different sports.  Our camps are structured and we constantly keep our campers moving and entertained as well as teaching sports skills. 

Parents will be given a schedule of everything we do all week hour by hour.  The day is started by sports trivia and morning prizes.  From there we stretch and warm up and then work on some specific skills.  We then break up into teams to compete with fellow campers on the skills they learned.  Lunch is around noon.  We then have a sportsmanship clinic to discuss good character and sportsmanship.  Toward the end of camp we play a game and end the day with daily sportsmanship prizes. 

Every week we have a guest speaker or ice cream party depending on availability.  The last day of camp we will play an official game and have an awards ceremony in which all campers will receive a t-shirt and medal.  We also give out an award for sportsmanship player of the week.  Our staff is well trained and our camper's safety and satisfaction is our #1 concern.

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