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Backpack trips into the mountains, white water rafting the New River Gorge, sailing, rock climbing, organic farming, horseback riding, building confidence in new skills.  Building friendships that last a lifetime…  Welcome to Camp Hidden Meadows.  


During the past fourteen summers at our outpost in the Allegheny Mountains we have committed ourselves to providing young people with experiences that are fun, safe, and rewarding.  Camp Hidden Meadows is a coed, non-sectarian program, offering a wide array of activities.   Set in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia campers experience these activities in an environment fostering personal growth, individual responsibility, and active participation in the camp community.


Camp Hidden Meadows takes great care in the design of each program with the purpose of engaging campers in outdoor activities not typically found at home.  Participation in adventure challenges, the arts, learning the ways of the farm and the many other components of camp promote personal growth and the development of skills that are useful throughout campers’ lives.

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