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The Duke Young Writers' Camp is open to students who are in grades 6-11 during the 2007-2008 academic year. Classes are designed to be academically challenging and focus on the creative and analytical processes of writing. Students will work on various projects, which may include newspaper features, short stories, character studies, journals, or short dramatic productions. Program highlights include:

  • Opportunity to explore different genres, such as short fiction, poetry, journalism, and playwriting
  • Instruction by professional writers and educators
  • Local guest speakers
  • Daily Readers' Forum, where students share their work with peers
  • Co-curricular social and recreational activities

The Duke Drama Workshop offers high school students an intense drama experience, which culminates with a final performance. The workshop provides a supportive environment for students who are committed to refining their skills and building a community of actors. Participants attend daily acting classes to learn the creative and technical processes of acting and rehearsal periods of selected scenes from plays under the direction of professional educators, actors, and artists. Based on their individual areas of interest, students select from several acting classes and rehearsal periods representing drama, musical theater, and comedy.


Constructing Your College Experience is designed to empower college-bound students to explore their college options and successfully navigate the college application process. Participants will learn to evaluate colleges to find the best fit for their needs, to understand the various parts of the application process, and to discover the challenges and opportunities that university life may offer. Students live, eat, and attend class on the Duke campus.

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