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Kimball Union Academy’s Summer Enrichment Experience (S.E.E.) offers students a full range of enrichment programs as well as the opportunity to participate in language and cultural immersion programs abroad. Learning is truly a year round opportunity at Kimball Union Academy!


In July 2007, Kimball Union Academy's Summer Enrichment Experience (S.E.E.) will host students from across the country and the world in the following programs:


·       ESL with English In-Action electives - Intensive language instruction for international and U.S. based students with a working knowledge of the English language.  ESL students will share the campus with U.S. students learning foreign language for a truly integrated experience. English Language instruction, American history and culture, and visits to prominent New England universities like Dartmouth and Harvard are all components of this comprehensive program.  

·       Language Institutes  - Learn to speak French, Chinese, or Spanish during our Modern Languages program. Based on the premise that students learn best when they are active, our Master Teachers and able Assistant Teachers will lead students in activities, drills, songs and stories designed to build basic language skills and cultural understanding while having fun. Many of our teachers are trained in the method developed by John Rassias at Dartmouth College, and will also use other techniques, including Total Physical Response and storytelling.

·       In-Action elective programs - Put Inquiry into Action as you pursue current interests and explore new ones during these two-week elective programs in environmental leadership, arts, and technology. Summertime is the perfect time for in-depth exploration of topics that interest you. Dive into discovery, leadership and the satisfaction that accompanies a job well done. Choose from one of the following options:

o       Environmental Leadership

o       Arts

o       Technology

o       Travel abroad (France, China or Costa Rica)


Whether you choose to participate in a single two-week program or stay for more, all of our programs allow you to dive into topics or subjects that you wouldn’t necessarily have the time for during the school year. Unlock your sense of adventure, exploration and independence –and make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime!


Please hit the "CampRequest" button to request a brochure with more in-depth descriptions of each individual program as well as information on staffing, deadlines and rates. 


We hope you will join us this summer to SEE KUA IN ACTION!


In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions. (603) 469-2071

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