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Camp Rim Rock has a long history of experience and an excellent reputation.  With a counselor for every three to four campers, the supervision is good and full of planned activities.  Our program offers Horseback Riding: ring lessons, trail rides, river rides and stable management; Aquatics: swimming, canoeing and tubing down the river; the Arts: dance, drama, chorus, stagecraft, arts & crafts, drawing and painting; Sports: volleyball, soccer, tennis, archery, basketball, field hockey and lacrosse. Hiking and river tubing are a delight in the rolling hills of West Virginia.  The setting is perfect and the beauty of the country is a prime reason for the enjoyment of our campers. Rim Rock is 54 years old and has been accredited by the American Camp Association since itsí beginning.


Joe Greitzer, the Executive Director from Philadelphia, is a graduate of Emory University and a father of three children. Jim Matheson, the former Executive Director of 37 years, holds a Masterís Degree from Duke University and serves as Consulting Director for Rim Rock.  His daughter Deborah Matheson, with a Bachelors Degree from James Madison University, was raised at Rim Rock.  She has a daughter, and co-directs the camp.">
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