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Every young basketball player needs to experience a Tom Kuyper Basketball Camp. They are unique in content and structure:

· Fun

· Structure

· Lots of basketball

· Serious training

· Fun

· Incredible relationship building of coaches with players

· Fun

TKBC features two kinds of camps:

1. Skill Building: Each morning is packed with basketball drills to improve fundamental skill development. Each afternoon is packed with application time of games. This is a fun mixture of teaching, training and a wide variety of games styles.

2. Game/Tournament: This is the kids’ favorite week. It’s our version of “March Madness” all week long. Teams are formulated (pre-formed teams are often times entered as well) and . . . let the games begin. Tournament brackets, standings and results are spread out all over the gym

Each week of camp ends with:

1. The ever popular, creatively funny “Crazy Awards”. It’s always entertaining to hear about funny and crazy things that the kids did all week long!

2. Slide Show/Video. Parents can watch what the kids did all week.


How can you get to the next level as an athlete and have fun doing it?

You will have to experience this to believe it...


      Sign up for Tom Kuyper's Summer Camp and prepare to have a great time while bringing yourself to "the next level!"


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