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In this week long program, participants ranging in age from 12-18 will learn the basic technical aspects of sweep rowing. They will be given both on land training on rowing machines and on water experience in crews of fours or eights. They will learn basic rowing terms and the importance of “crew” rowing. More advanced rowers will be able to fine-tune their technique in both sweep rowing and sculling.

To work together as a team is very crucial and we will emphasize this by incorporating fun games that require working together effectively. All in all, this camp experience is a great one, building self-confidence, creating new skills, and above all, new friendships.

Our club is located on the Western Beaches of Toronto and offers excellent rowing conditions along the breakwater-protected course.  Camp participants will be highly supervised by both an experienced athlete and coach in their boat and by a qualified coach, in a well-equipped motor coach boat. 

The camp day will be from 9 A.M. to 3 P.M. Please bring a lunch. We also request that water bottles be included to ensure intake of plenty of fluids during our busy day. Comfortable clothing that is suitable for the weather (jeans and cut-offs are not recommended). On rainy days, layers of clothing with a light rain jacket and extra clothes to change into are recommended. Running shoes are best. Hats and/or sunglasses and sunscreen lotion are a must.

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