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Located on 106 magnificent acres near Eagle River, Wisconsin, Camp Interlaken offers a complete Jewish residential camping experience. A balanced, free-choice, non-competitive athletic and cultural program gives each camper the opportunity to develop his or her own skills, build self-esteem and learn Jewish values within a fun, casual and caring environment. Our facilities include a beautiful waterfront on the shores of Lake Finley, a magnificent multi-purpose kosher dining hall, a ceramics & arts studio, an air conditioned rec hall with full stage and theater, and fully equipped athletic areas providing dozens of options from which campers can choose their daily activities.

You choose the camp, and your campers choose the rest!  At Camp Interlaken, choices are the foundation of the campers' day.  There is one Chugim (activity period) a day for the cabin to work together on a project, participate in an activity, bond and grow as a family and develop new skills & try new activities.  The other 4 "Chugs" are all activities that your child signs up for so that they can develop specific skills in the areas that they love!

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