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ISLAND LAKE is the place to be for non-stop action!  We offer an exciting theme, challenging activities and an incredible staff committed to making your week at Island Lake unforgettable.


On our 80 plus-acre Moto-X course, field instructors teach campers to ride safely and conscientiously.  Our Bouldering Wall—a 12-foot tall, 35-foot long climbing wallis a place to practice rock climbing techniques and test skills.  Skate at our extreme skate park, face your fears on the high ropes, battle to be lone survivor on the paintball field, or row in an exciting race on the lake.


Our staff reflect Christian values through role-modeling, daily Bible studies and fireside talks. The encouraging atmosphere demonstrates Christ's love in action. We choose our staff on the basis of their overall qualifications and training, quality personal references, personal commitment to Christ, genuine love for kids and willingness to serve.

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