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Betsey Cox is a camp for young women growing up in the global world of the twenty-first century. We couple traditional camping with a commitment to programs which develop skills necessary for girls who hope to make a difference in the future. Like the camp's namesake, a girl who grew up in pre-Revolutionary Pittsford, our campers develop the self-confidence to take risks and to manage their lives.

Each girl creates her own schedule each day. Except for required swimming lessons, the program is fully elective. Campers take responsibility for their own lives in ways which they may never have experienced before.

Camp Betsey Cox provides a stable, long-term experience with a real sense of belonging. The people and the sense of extended family draw us back to each other year after year. Our Community is diverse. Staff and campers represent many different countries, religions, and racial and ethnic groups. They contribute multiple talents and perspectives on growing up and living with others.

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