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Timber Ridge Camp is excited to announce a unique and innovative new program which brings together our exceptional summer program with individualized instruction tailored to meet the needs of your child. This allows your child to gain the camping experience while continuing instruction in their area of need.

This unique and innovative program is designed by Ben Shifrin - The headmaster of Jemicy School (a renowned school for children with dyslexia & language-based learning differences) and by Beth Franks - A math teacher at Jemicy. As part of this program, your child will receive a specifically designed tutoring schedule in coordination with your child’s current academic program.

All of our teachers are trained in the following methodologies: OG, Wilson, Project Read and Lindamood-Bell. Staying Sharp is truly unique compared to other academic based summer camp programs. Staying Sharp is designed to be incorporated into our traditional summer camp program as opposed to the other programs which are structured around an intense tutoring schedule. We feel every child should get to experience all of the amazing activities we have to offer while still maintaining the skills and knowledge they learned in school. Due to our free choice scheduling process, integrating your child’s tutoring into a regular camp schedule allows your camper to experience camp in a structured, social environment while still excelling academically.

The campers in the Staying Sharp program will simply be scheduled for one or two periods during the day for tutoring and will be able to join their friends in our 45+ other activities for the other four periods.

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