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The Barnard Summer in New York City program offers young men and women incredible opportunities to explore this metropolis both in and out of the classroom. Whether you choose our five-week session, our one week mini-courses, or our Young Women's Leadership Institute, your studies could include visiting an art gallery, attending a poetry slam, or meeting city leaders.

Evenings and weekends are packed with organized trips to tourist sights like the Statue of Liberty and Rockefeller Center. You may also catch a film at an outdoor festival, hang out in Central Park, or escape to Jones Beach for a day filled with surf and sun. In short, you'll get an unforgettable taste of your future while experiencing life in the big city.

Pre-College Program courses are adapted from the Barnard College undergraduate curriculum. Five-week program students can choose two courses from a variety of topics, while one-week program participants focus on a single subject: writing, literature, or theatre.

Young Women's Leadership Institute
Barnard College has itself been a distinguished leader in the higher education of women since its founding in 1889, and Barnard has produced graduates who go on to extraordinary leadership roles in a wide range of fields. The Young Women’s Leadership Institute combines academic learning, skill building workshops, and student-run sessions to train young women leaders in an intensive one-week program.

Admission is selective, and is based on strong high school records, recommendations, and a personal statement. Applications from students whose preparation may vary are welcome, especially if they reveal unusual talents and interests that can be further developed in this program.

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