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Adventures Cross-Country (ARCC) has been the leading provider of Adventure Travel programs for teenagers for over 24 years. ARCC offers17 to 36 day adventure programs for teenagers (13-18 years old) in a variety of outdoor settings throughout the Western United States (Colorado, Utah, California, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, and Hawaii)as well as international locations including British Columbia, Belize, Costa Rica, Peru, Ecuador, the Galapagos, New Zealand, Tahiti, Thailand, Australia, Fiji, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, France and Africa.

ARCC programs are designed for teenagers who want a summer experience that combines trying new activities, exploring new areas, experiencing the independence of traveling with a small group, conquering new challenges, and meeting students from all over the world. ARCC is not a tour, we try to spend as much time off the beaten path as possible.

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