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As the newest of the URJ Camps, Kalsman presents our children with the opportunity to live a wholly Jewish life while at camp. Campers experience Jewish culture and tradition while in a safe, challenging and fun environment. In a natural setting, campers are given the opportunity to explore their Judaism. Kalsman provides a creative setting for Jewish living and learning, through camp programming. In our inaugural year, we watched with pride as campers created lasting friendships and came together as the Pacific Northwest Reform Jewish Community.

Hundreds of campers ranging from second grade through twelfth grade took part in Kalsmanís opening summer, and we look forward to welcoming more this coming summer. We offer our campers a wide variety of activity choices that allow them to exercise their bodies, their minds, their creativity and their hearts. From Sports to the Performing and Creative Arts, to Nature and Adventure activities, Kalsman has something for everyone. The facilities at Camp Kalsman are all modern and newly built on our gorgeous 300 acres of land. Our range of buildings and activity areas allows us to meet all the needs of our campers as well as give them areas to grow and explore. A summer at Camp Kalsman is an unforgettable religious, cultural, recreational and emotional experience.

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