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The nation’s leading technology summer program for ages 10-17, Cybercamps Academy prepares kids for today’s tech-driven, global marketplace. In a safe, fun learning environment, we offer innovative courses in game design and modding, computer programming, robotics, Web design and much more.


By teaching kids to work in teams, communicate effectively and think critically, Cybercamps Academy gives students the essential 21st century skills that help them succeed in school and their future endeavors. Standardized curriculum - We operate each of our 50+ locations using meticulously crafted methods and research-proven courseware, and our 5:1 staff-to-student ratio is the best in the business. True Tech Activities – We show kids real-world applications of what we’re teaching them, and we bring in top professionals in the tech industry to inspire our students. Healthy Balance - We strive for the right mix of computer-based projects, fun team-building games, and outside physical activities in the fresh air.

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