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Destination Science Camp is proudly taught by top-notch elementary educators & bright college sudents. Each of the following camp themes runs for 1 week & is open to campers 5 to 11 years. Enroll in all 4 of the following camp themes or pick as many as you like:

Build your very own Robot Transformer, then step into our Robo Rally Celebration. Join the RC Madness Car Quest as you discover the science of invisible radio waves that make your crazy cars flip over. This camp includes touchable giant bubbles, techno ice cream maker, grossology experiments & an electro lazer light show for your room & more.

Countdown, pull the trigger and launch the all new Hypersonic Rocket Blaster skyward! Create Astroworld, the first “kids rule” space station. Experiment with space candy, crazy space ball polymers and toys in space. Design & build a land rocket space station transporter. This camp includes meteor craters, marshmallow launchers, adapt an alien & much more
WELCOME to our Fun Park, design and build Scream Machine, our all new rollercoaster powered by magnetism. Add a Flashin’ Mini Carnival that includes shockwave mini hoops & electro lizard operation. Get wild in Animal Kingdom Park, with Freaky Foober a real live frog, Milli Vanilli the
millipede and Sebastion the crab and much more!
Become the Master Inventor, use your physics electro lab to build crazy cool electronic games that buzz, bounce and flash. Find real pirate treasure, make super sonic sounds and explore mysterious magic sand. Get movin’ and invent your own crazy cool electro powered motorized boat. Experiment
with magic popping bags, silly slime makers, high flying kites & much more.

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