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Love Riding?  Country living in a family atmosphere. Ride all day, learn training techniques with personalized instruction. We are a small family farm with a good reputation.  We teach good, save horsemanship.  Campers get the chance to train horses and work with different horses everyday building your ability to really listen to what the horse is telling you.  All riders will have the opportunity to ride and train Western pleasure, English pleasure, Hunter, Jumper and even Walking horses.  The best thing about our small camp is that the students really get the chance to explore the areas of riding that they wish to explore. Making each campers experience their very own.  We have home cooked meals around the kitchen table where we all sit down for every meal.  During the hottest part of the day we retreat to the comfort of the house for lessons on the different types of horses, registries and history of the different breeds exploring how they came to be.  We teach the different styles of training for a well rounded and open minded camp experience.  We feel that even if you do not agree with someone else’s ideas of training you should be open to listening to it.  We spend one afternoon at the pool and try to allow for one night out, going to the movies, bowling, or ice skating.  On weekends we attend shows where campers can participate in classes or just come along to support the riders.    Experience, memories by the minute!

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