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The North Cascades Wilderness School is a 22 acre campus located in Mazama, WA at the upper end of the Methow Valley offering wilderness based educational programs for youth 11-17 yrs of age and adults.


We are not a traditional summer camp but rather a combination of educational and adventure programs striving to accomplish one objective- to unite youth to nature through two approaches.   First: enhancing their awareness of their natural surroundings through education from the naturalist (animal and plant identification, animal tracking, forest sounds), environmentalist (principles of forest stewardship) and indigenous survivalist (shelter, water, fire) perspective.  Second:  experiencing the adventure activities offered by nature by learning the skills for rock and ice climbing, glacier traveling, hiking, backpacking, rafting, canoeing and orienteering.


Whether you are new to the wilderness or have experience we guarantee the knowledge and experiences gained through our program will unite you with nature, positively impact you and leave you with a greater appreciation for nature and what it has to offer.


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