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SageWalk's licensed wilderness programs provide families with a safe and immediate intervention for youth between the ages of 13 to 17; through individualized treatment plans, open enrollment, the opportunity to earn academic credit, flexible length of stay and therapeutic treatment recommendations. SageWalk was the first wilderness program to be individually accredited by the Northwest Association of Accredited Schools, is licensed by the State of Oregon to work with students who are experiencing issues with substance abuse, and is also licensed by the State of Oregon as both an Outdoor Youth Program and Private School. SageWalk is also a member of the National Association of Schools and Programs, National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camps, and The Woodbury Reports (Struggling Teens). SageWalk was featured by ABC and Shapiro Productions on the original "Brat Camp" series in 2005 and has been serving at-risk youth for 10 years and is also a program of the Aspen Education Group as seen on Dr. Phil. Aspen Education offers wilderness programs for troubled teens, boarding schools for troubled teens, therapeutic summer camps for troubled teens, and residential treatment centers for troubled teens. 

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