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What is the Big Lake difference? We believe it is a combination of two things: an incredible camp setting and a first-rate staff. Out of the hundreds of applications we receive each year, the staff selected truly are the "cream-of-the-crop" young people. Their commitment to the goals and objectives of Big Lake Youth Camp is incomparable and their desire to help campers make positive choices is evident. Combine these first-rate staff members with an incredible location and the "Big Lake Difference" becomes reality.

Big Lakeís goals are as follows:

  1. To provide fun-filled, challenging recreational opportunities for children and youth in a positive Christian environment.
  2. To strive for a safe environment where risk is minimized.
  3. To encourage healthy and accepting relationships with others.
  4. To encourage and invite campers to make positive choices about lifestyles and their future through presenting them with character building lessons and mentoring them in making positive choices.

Owned and operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church, Big Lake Youth Camp is open to campers of all races and religions. Our program connects with all campers, but it connects especially with those searching for answers in lifestyle choices and positive Christian living.

Upcoming "REG" Camps

Big Lake
's "REG" camps provide the total camping experience ... fun, friendships and excitement. Remaining on-site for the entire week, campers enjoy virtually everything we have to offer. Sign-up for a specific morning activity and enjoy rotating through other activities in the afternoon

Session Activities:


Archery                                                  BMX

Canoeing                                               Creative Arts

Drama                                                   Gymnastics

Horsemanship                                       Junior Basketball

Mountain Biking                                     Robotics

Sailing                                                    Sports

Survival Adventure                                 Swimming/Blob

Videography                                           Waterski/Wakeboard


Upcoming "RAD" Camps

"RAD" camps are designed for specially for teens, aged 13-17, who are interested in focusing their complete attention on one specific activity. Mornings AND afternoons are dedicated to their selected activity. On-site RADs allow campers to enjoy Big Lake's evening activities. Off-site RADs take place in remote location with fully supervised camping and adventure.

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