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Here at Camp Orchard Hill we are dedicated to providing a place that is physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and spiritually safe.  Our desire is to partner with parents in helping them raise better children and we believe that camp is an important part of the equation.  The 21st Century Study, conducted by the American Camping Association, confirmed that parents, camp staff, and children reported significant growth as a result of a summer camp experience in the following areas: peer relationships, self esteem, independence, leadership, friendship skills, values, decisions, and spirituality to name a few. 

  • Our staff has character, enthusiasm and a desire to share the love of Christ by building positive, lasting relationships with your child.
  • All resident counseling staff are college age and undergo a rigorous screening process including application, references, interview and state and national background checks.
  • At Camp Orchard Hill, your child’s safety comes first and activities are designed with that in mind.  In addition, we are prepared with a registered nurse on staff, certified lifeguards and staff trained in CPR and first aid.
  • Camp cabins are air conditioned with a bathhouse and showers in close proximity.  Each cabin houses two counselors and a maximum of 14 campers.
  • In all things, from delicious food to clean facilities and creative programming, we strive to serve you and your child with excellence!
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