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Located near the beautiful Wasatch Mountains of Utah, Westminster College offers the best academic camps available. Our camps are not about sitting in a classroom - - the world is our classroom!

Don't just sit around this summer - Experience the BEST at WESTminster College! We have a variety of camps and activities designed to help you experience the “field of your dreams.” Don’t think that you’ll be spending your time in a classroom--the WORLD is our classroom!

Becoming a camper at Westminster’s College Experience camps, you can experience:

- Writers Guild Camp: rubbing elbows with authors and editors,

- Environmental Studies Camp: canoeing up the Jordan river,

- Paleo Camp: hunting for trilobites and tracking dino prints,

- Robotics Camp: program a robot with a VexKit to prepare for competitiion

- Musical Theatre: working closely with musical directors and choreographers

- Money 101: virtually becoming the “bull” of the Wall Street market,

- Aviation: flying an airplane

If you're ready for an exciting and fun challenge this summer, attend a College Experience Camp at Westminster College in beautiful Utah!

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