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Be awed by glowing lava in Volcanoes National Park, Maui’s vast Haleakala Crater and Molokai’s pristine waters. Paddle through warm waters in traditional outrigger canoes, test your balance as you ride the waves into shore on a surf board and enjoy delicious locally grown pineapples.  Experience Pilialoha, the Hawaiian word for friendship and join in the fun at Molokai’s local youth center. Bring your leadership abilities and facilitate large group games, arts and crafts activities and even literacy skill building with local youth. Challenge yourself socially by reaching out to people from different backgrounds, building community as you live and work within a close-knit group, and sharing responsibilities, such as meal planning, navigating and setting up camp.

Bridge Hawaii 2008 offers an excellent opportunity for a motivated group of students to have tons of fun, put camp counseling skills into action, and study the concepts of leadership and group dynamics. Students who participate in the Bridge Hawaii program will:

• Work alongside Hawaiian peers to set up camp games and activities for local youth.

• Experience the natural beauty of three islands by land and sea—swim, surf, snorkel, and hike!

• Compare and contrast the environmental and political issues of each of the islands.

• Gain appreciation and respect for Hawaiian culture by helping to preserve the culture and land through service learning projects

• Discover how the non-native species of plants, animals and humans have changed, and are impacting the islands.

• Unveil the history of the islands.

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