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MIRACLE RANCH is a western-themed camp with more activities than you can imagine!  Horse and outdoor fans will love our English and Western horsemanship programs, along with vaulting, wilderness paintball and archery.  We also have a creative arts & crafts program and a low ropes course, and waterfronts with enough toys and activities to make a summer day fly by.  Free time is jam-packed with options like batting cage, boating, zip line, waterslide and windsurfing/sailboards.


Our staff shares Christian values through role-modeling, daily Bible studies, and fireside talks—the atmosphere is warm and caring, and reflects Christ's love in action. We choose our staff on the basis of their overall qualifications and training, quality personal references, personal commitment to Christ, genuine love for kids and willingness to serve.


In addition to summer resident camp (sessions listed below), we also offer summer day camps for grades one through eight.

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